Stopping on the Prayer Path

July 12, 2021 As a poet, writer, and spiritual seeker, the description of my blog, Spirit-reflections, reads:  “Walking the ancient path and shining the Light with prose, poetry, and prayer.”  I believe that we, as spiritual beings, have much to learn from our ancestors who also trusted in something bigger than themselves.  If we failContinue reading “Stopping on the Prayer Path”

Fissures and Light

March 1, 2021 I belong to a group called “The Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks,” a title that resonates with me because it breaks the mold of how the world sees “religion.”  The people in this group are artists:  writers, poets, painters, dancers, sculptors, songwriters, and more—anyone willing to embrace creativity–and we delight in lettingContinue reading “Fissures and Light”


February 22, 2021 Metanoia is a Greek word we Christians hear much about, especially during the Lenten Season when our focus is intentionally on the journey which Christ took and on how faithfully we are following.  The word itself basically means a change of direction, turning around, or turning back towards, and so we lookContinue reading “Returning”

Ash Wednesday

Feb. 17, 2021 And we are put on earth a little spaceThat we might learn to bear the beams of love. William Blake                                                  No matter where we have lived this past year, we all have one experience in common:  the pandemic. We all know how it feels to have our personal freedom and choices andContinue reading “Ash Wednesday”