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A Pail of Cherries

August 9, 2022 Some years back, my daughter authored a “good news” blog which, I believe, was called “Silver Linings.”  She spent hours culling different news sources in search of something positive, and, inevitably, she would indeed find an uplifting story and post it.  Her purpose was to remind her readers that good things do … Continue reading “A Pail of Cherries”

Foreign Land

July 11, 2022 Apologies to those who follow this blog for my rather lengthy hiatus these past few months.  I took some time away to discern whether and how to continue publishing a blog.  During that time, so much changed here in the States that, at first, I couldn’t summon the energy to write.  All … Continue reading “Foreign Land”


May 25, 2022 Our flag slides down the silver poleonce againstopping halfwayagainits trajectory now rooted in its memory.This time it pauses and waversin remembrance of nineteen childrentwo school teacherstrapped and murdered in a classroom,each crumbling one after anotheronto the blood-stained floor.I see their photos, smile after smileon brown faces, white faces,hopeful faces,one child wears a … Continue reading “Half-Mast”

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